CoVid-19 and Fecal Health Practices

Fecal Matter has found its way into a public health service announcement by the government New York. The article started out seemingly innocent, regarding precautions for things such as how the Coronavirus can be transmitted through sex and kissing. This quickly escalated to multiple graphic warnings for rimming and anal sex.

Here are some of the warnings:

Here are some tips for how to enjoy sex and to avoid spreading COVID-19.

Know how COVID-19 spreads.
• We still have a lot to learn about COVID-19 and sex.
o COVID-19 has been found in feces of people who are infected with the virus.

Take care during sex.
• Rimming (mouth on anus) might spread COVID-19. Virus in feces may enter your mouth.

Condoms and dental dams can reduce contact with saliva or feces, especially during oral
or anal sex.

We’re quite happy to see that the importance of proper fecal care is being considered now when making public service announcements from State governments in the USofA.

We encourage you and all your friends, family members, work colleagues and lovers to all continue practicing safe fecal practices during love making, even after the end of the CoVid pandemic.

The Oregon Health Authority has created an infographic on how to have sex during the pandemic.
Covid 19 rimming


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