Kama Pootra: 52 Mind-Blowing Ways to Poop

The average person spends an equivalent of one hour and 42 minutes a week, or almost 92 days over a lifetime. That’s 2208 hours!! Being such a vital part of our daily routines (pootines?), it’s incredible to think that we’re so uncreative with the way that we relieve ourselves.

This book takes a unique perspective at one of our most natural human behaviours. Kama Pootra is of course a twist on Kama Sutra, the book of sexual positions, to give you some new ideas on how you can spend some of those 2208 hours of your life in a more exciting way. Who said dropping a deuce had to be boring?

Though some of these positions may seem basic or familiar, we’re certain there will be some that you’ve never thought of before. The book explores everything from the mundane, to outright acrobatic. There’s even a couples section for those of you lovebirds who can’t bare to spend even those few minutes apart!

Here’s some of our favourite positions mentioned in the book of Kama Pootra:

Kama Pootra - Airplane Position
The Airplane Position is one familiar to anyone who has watched the emergency procedures at the beginning of your flight. It’s also probably familiar to those who ate some bad street food the night before.
Kama Pootra - Brooklyn Style
Brooklyn Style is a great option for when you just can’t stop the beat from droppin’, even when you’re droppin’ it like it’s hot.
Kama Pootra - Missionary Position
The classic Missionary Position never felt so good. Though perhaps a little kinky, this effective method brings you the best of both worlds when straddling that porcelain throne.
Kama Pootra - Runner's Poop
We all know runner’s are constantly posting photos of themselves running. What you might not know is that’s because they are always running.. or training for running. Keep those hammies stretched is so important – there’s no need to not be able to do it when you’ve got a couple minutes of otherwise downtime when in the loo, too.
Kama Pootra - Wedding Night
You know that romantic feeling of being carried across the threshold to ‘do the nasty’ on wedding night? Now you can do that multiple times a day with your loved one! This position is aptly named “wedding night”.
Kama Pootra - Weight Lifting
“But do you lift, bruh?” – there’s never been a better opportunity to get in a few extra reps. You can be putting the strain on your gut and your biceps simultaneously – a full body workout!

There’s loads more positions found in Kama Pootra, so it’s well worth the read! Heck, you can even read it the next time you’re sitting on the toilet.

Pick up your copy of Kama Pootra on Amazon (click the link).

Author’s note: We do advise some caution, as some of these are advanced positions. Please do so at your own risk, as we take no responsibility for accidents (be it physical injury, or simply missing the target).

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