Will Forte Woos His Fiance with Fart-Topping Anthem “She Likes My Wind”
Will Forte belts out “She Likes My Wind”

Fart-friendly actor Will Forte of SNL and Last Man on Earth fame is newly engaged, and wanted to gift his fiance a special birthday song about a quality in her that he really cherishes.

“I am known in my life to have some issues with gas… and farts.”

“And I have found a woman who can handle that.”

Will Forte

Basing his cover off of the classic “She’s Like the Wind” by Patrick Swayze, Forte went the extra mile and recorded his own music video on rocky sea cliffs with open shirt and long blond wig to really nail that 80’s style.

(The power ballad begins at :29)

Unfortunately, we’ve only been gifted a clip of this potential chart-topper, where it debuted recently on “Late Night with Seth Meyers.” Here’s hoping that the full video can squeeze its way onto the web sometime soon.

“She Likes My Wind” by Will Forte

She likes my wind
in her nose

She feels my vibrations
everywhere she goes

The first time I tooted
she didn’t lodge a complaint

So I just kept on farting
again and again and again

She feels my breath on her face
but it’s not my breath

I think you know what it is
and it smells like my asshole

Just a fool to believe
I can cheese when I please
but I can

’cause she likes my wind

Will Forte channels the love and devotion of the classics of the 80’s in this music video

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